Friday, August 17, 2012


So I have the means to post again but you will have to wait for pictures from all my stops. I'm in Vancouver about to leave for the okanagan and now that I've safely made it over the border I was admiring all the ephemera I have collected. Here it is:

Portland- A chicken feather and fiber from all the different goats who have lived at Project Grow, which is an urban farm and drop in centre for adults with disabilities. A magic place.

Seattle- I met a boat carpenter, Jacob,  who gave me a knot book, a knife and some rope to practice. That's a Napoleon knot I made. And a book of Flannery O'Connor novellas, and an assortment of stones and shells from Discovery Park. 

San Fransisco- A sand dollar, a unicorn paper cut from my friend Emily, and a notepad sent from Toronto by Martina.

Vancouver- three crow feathers, and a knot I made in Stanley park. 

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