Saturday, July 14, 2012

Echo Park

Yesterday I made a visit to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. An essential stop for any traveller.

The shop is a storefront for the Los Angeles chapter of the 826 writing and tutoring centres, a Mcsweeney's invention. The mission for all the 826 centres is just to provide tutoring and writing help for young people, plus each one is a supply shop of some kind wherein all the proceeds go to the centre. I plan on checking out the Pirate Supply store in San Francisco, and the Space Travel Store in Seattle.

Items of note at the time travel store include any number of robot related supplies, disguises from various time periods, Caveman scents, Viking Odorant, and you can even purchase a wormhole- for a reasonable price I might add!

My favourite feature was the community bulletin board, here's some highlights-

To top it off I also attended a dodgers game- those who know me know that I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I love baseball stadiums. And Dodger's stadium is really strange, you can't see the stadium itself from anywhere in the city because its on a hill, but sunk in. And the parking lot alone was a sight to see!

 So the Dodgers won, for anyone who is interested. And there were fireworks! Hot Dog!

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