Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carefree Highway

There was absolutely an anticipation leading up to leaving LA, starting my adventure, seeing new things, leaving some things behind,letting go and starting fresh. There has been a real recurring theme of loss with my visit to Los Angeles and so as not to let me off too easy, a few days before I was to leave for San Fransisco, the apartment I was staying in, was broken into. My friends were at work and I had been gone only four hours when someone got in and took my computer and phone, two computers and an iphone belonging to my friends. Hannah the cat, we assume, slept through the whole thing, (or else expressed her dissatisfaction in not being petted to the intruders. Her life is a travesty.) Suffice to say posting may be scarce from here on out. But I've counted myself lucky. It can be important to consider that when one thing is taken away perhaps another thing has been spared. So it frames travel in this interesting way, a letting go. So as I was riding the 8 hours between Los Angeles and San Fransisco by bus and watching the painterly landscape flit by I thought about Gordon Lightfoot, Carefree Highway let me slip away on you.... He has all these stories of continous loss, lost love, lost railway tickets, lost opportunities. There are all songs about moving around and leaving parts of yourself behind. Well, I'll meet you at Massey Hall Gordy- it seems so far away now!

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  1. i hope you're okay, Stacey!

    getting robbed blows and is kind of creepy -my house was broken into when i was young and it just made me feel odd.

    but i generally feel odd. so. there's that.

    xoxo mornin' after blues from my head down to my shoes