Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Magic Trilogy

I made three short video pieces for Sweet Magic in London Ontario. It was great fun, here's part one of three:

Sweet Magic (Fearless) from Stacey Sproule on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Magic

Some pals in London Ontario asked me to show some work for their upcoming Sweet Magic Festival, so I'm showing three short videos featuring Kathryn Bondy and Karie Liao. Its pretty fun here's some shots from 'on set'-

Lots of sun, hair, sparkles and pysched out vibes! I also drew an image for the back of the tickets (You can see it at the top of this London Fuse article, which is worth a gander!) And designed a poster for the March 23rd show, here it is-

I love that Mystic Pig, anyone got any Lisa Frank stickers to trade? Its going to be a great show if you are in the London area you should do yourself a favour and go!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fleshtone Aura release/ Halo Halo Village Birthday!

Last night was the much anticipated Fleshtone Aura vinyl release party (on Pleasence) and the Halo Halo Village one year anniversary. There were about 30 guests and I made dinner and drinks for the evening, with the courageous help of Naomi Hocura and Deirdre O'sullivan!

I made Vegan Dominican Picadillo with Lime rice and twice fried plantains, and served it with a cocktail Jeff lovingly named 'Very Dream'- a Gin and tonic with fresh basil, a cinnamon stick, orange juice and cucumber. It was delicious! And a great show, an all around feast! Amelia Ehrhardt danced during a gong performance and tea ceremony (served by Saya and Kyoko who looked like Jeff Garcia collages come to life!) And Exploding Motor Car (with Luis Hernandez) did beautiful projections. Love Live the Village.