Saturday, September 3, 2011

Forest Fire

I've been working a lot lately- but on things that are so time consuming the progress feels almost imperceptible. I will show you those things next week I promise! I've made more progress on all of my needlework experiments and I had started making these little matchstick birds, each one being very labour intensive, articulating the wood of a match to give it the curve of a bird's body. And once I've finished a decent number of them I plan to burn them for a video (or several I haven't decided yet.)

On top of that stuff I'm trying to take full advantage of the harvest this year and can as much food as possible. Pickles! Red Pepper Jelly! Peach Jam! Onion Thyme Jam! Tomatoes! So I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about food. I will be teaching a canning workshop at the Halo Halo Village sometime in October so I will keep you posted about details.

But I'm also thinking about forest fires. I have various projects on the horizon that are in their conception stage right now and if I had to make them tomorrow they'd all born from forest fires. My lovely yoga instructor, (Meichen Waxer) frequently speaks of the idea of burning away that which doesn't serve you and I feel very connected to this idea, whether its carrying around dead weight in our bodies, or emotional burdens, or even behavioral patterns we find ourselves stuck in. Forest Fires, though destructive, are also regenerative and in the wake of the destruction new growth can form. Burning the layer of decomposing matter on the forest floor into pure nutrients actually speeds up the process that occurs naturally quite significantly. Some types of trees only release their seeds in extreme heat as well. And of course cycles have always been of great interest to me.
Plus look how beautiful: