Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blindness and Sight

Alana (my older sister) takes a lot of good photographs. Sometimes she posts them on her tumblr:
Here's an amazingly weird photo she took of me at the cottage:
You should admire it on her tumblr- it looks better on there, such strange darkness and light. This picture is prophetic- it shows me as a future Sage Forest Dweller. Nice job as always, Alana.

Needle of Death

My camera was sitting in a bag at VSVSVS for a week therefore I couldn't upload these - and then of course as I was preparing for the AGM show that opened on Thursday (Meet Us on the Commons curated by Elizabeth Underhill- you need to go see it, it is a wonderful show) Everything that could go wrong did. So that's why this has taken so long.

But here is the documentation of some of the embroidery tattoos I did at VSVSVS for Eat, Sleep, Breathe, (and shit).