Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Night Has Opened My Eyes

The VCR Dungeon was open for business last night and it was a huge success! Everyone's hard work paid off. There were some real top notch pieces and performances. Here is the installation shot of my piece- This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Broken Glasses Collection):

It's eighty pairs of found glasses, a florescent light and plywood with light holes. It turned out so great, I'm really pleased. And now just some shots of the show:

The world's friendliest Bar-keep- Karie Liao! What a babe!

Pay the troll toll! Mairi in her home- an actual hole in the wall.

Man Made Hill set with projections by Exploding Motor Car.

End of the night weary Villagers 'keeping the circle unbroken' TQ shots.

Salon chills.

My piece beside the highly coveted Jacket by Martina Hwang- they are so perfect together.

End of the night Jacob Horwood installation view and just to the side you can see Mike Gagne's work. It was such a rad show and so many people worked their arses off to pull it off- In addition to Randy, Jeff, and I there was also Jan, Sally, Kat, Victoria, Hainey, Damen, Mairi, Karie, Alicia, Mani, and I'm sure there's others. It takes a village, guys.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having Reached a Climax

My latest cross-stitch endeavor is a copy of this Tadanori Yokoo poster:

Here's my current progress:

Its going very quickly and it has got me thinking about animation with cross-stitch, one piece per frame. I would love to do ten seconds of an 8-bit video game just as a test something like this: (my favourite!)

But! One thing at a time! I have to prepare for the show coming up next week at Halo Halo Village, (Newest project space run by Jeff Garcia of Earth Ship fame) Randy is curating a show called VCR Dungeon! I'll be showing my broken glasses collection. Drop by!
Here's a Promo video that Randy made for it:

AND trees are growing from the garbage on our roof! Exciting, right? I hope there's a forest there by the time I wake up tomorrow.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Millenium Pilgrim

Today I was walking to the grocery store as the schools were letting out. I was dressed as I normally dress- puffy skirt, black cloak, hair in braids. I passed a group of teenage boys whom I could tell found my attire pretty comical and so once they were a safe distance away they yelled back at me- 'Which state did you settle in?' And laughed as they ran away.

As far as I can ascertain the insult here is that I look like a pilgrim.

Which got me thinking about the Millenium Pilgrim, have you seen this RV? This so called Pilgrimobile? This man descibes himself as a Secular Sage. This, taken from his website, floored me:

"I have explored the sacred Isle of Iona, climbed the Tor at Glastonbury, vigiled on the island of Lough Derg in Ireland, stood on the Bridge of the Angels in Rome, gazed out across the Sea of Galilee, wandered through India. I have walked five hundred miles of the ancient pilgrim's route, El Camino de Santiage,the first time the second time, the third time in Spain, participated in the sun dance of the Plains Indians, pilgrimaged across America, received Kalachakra Initiation from the Dalai Lama, and much more."

I would really like to meet this man.