Monday, March 28, 2011

Rat King!

Oh my! How lovely it worked out! I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the lovely pictures that Martina took. I spent 45 minutes braiding them and it was grueling but I'm so pleased with how it looks.

This king includes, Karie Liao, Megan Sproule, Erin Loree, Johnell McClelland , Jordan Armstrong, Louise Bak, and Isla Craig. Be patient for more photos- it will be worth the wait!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


My dad is a linguistic genius, and my sisters and I always stand in awe of the things he says, which he always says as though they are expressions that everyone uses. He grew up on a farm so I feel that he has left the time and place that understands his turns of phrase, but I plan on passing the torch of this dying dialect on to you. Here are some of my Dadisms Greatest Hits:

To ace- To finish something (usually in reference to food)
To deep-six- To throw something away (also usually in reference to food)
A slim streak of misery- descriptive phrase for a person, I assume it means a tall miserable person but I've yet to have this confirmed.
Bush Tigers- Chipmunks
To hit the bed trail- To go to bed
Whadja lose?- A frequent rhetoric often used in situations were someone appears to have a dilemma or problem they are working out. Or if they look grumpy or tired.
Since before Christ was a cowboy (or Since Christ was a cowboy)- I assume this means a long time ago, but he seems to use it infrequently and catch me off-guard with it so I often forget the context in which it was used.
Little Chicago- my sister Alana claims that he asked her once if people still refer to Angus (a small town near the small town he grew up in) as Little Chicago. This one baffles me.
Like a fart in a mitt- Actually my mom said this one and all three of us heard it and exchanged bewildered glances. When we pressed her about what she meant she replied 'you know, like all over the place' . We pointed out that a fart in a mitt would be contained to which she had no reply.

Alana also recently heard our Uncle Paul say, 'well, its better than a kick in the face with a frozen boot!'

I agree.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Fortnight at the Opera

So the Article about my Fortnight Piece (at the Earth Ship) by Maria Golikova is now online:
Read it here.
And for those of you who may have been directed here by the article you will find images and video of Fortnight here.

Thanks Maria, a very eloquent description and an interesting experience of the piece.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cedar Waxwing

Here's a silly thing I'm working on: My mom used to get these mail order embroidery kits from Creative Circle and while digging through some long forgotten boxes in the basement my sister and I found a kit for these bird embroidery pieces. It comes with all the yarn you need and instructions, its the needlepoint version of a paint by numbers. So I'm playing with the format and tricking them out a little. Here's the first one more or less done:

The back looks good too! Makes me want to do a series of text based embroideries where the writing is backwards on the front so the back is the front.

I'll show you what it was supposed to look like at a later juncture- I'm sick of messing around with the computer today.
See you in my dreams!