Friday, January 21, 2011

Someday you'll find everything you're looking for

Sometimes (I mean all the time) I check to see what people have been searching to find my blog, and let me tell you: its good!
Today someone found me by searching: Czech New wave Clarinet! I have no idea what this person was looking for but I pray they found it!
Some other highlights include:
Balls Itch (?)
How to grow the pines
Stacey Sproule cd release 2010 (I especially love this one! I have a fan out there somewhere!)
What a weird and wonderful place the internet can be!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skull and Cross-Stitch

Welcome to my newest obsession- Cross-stitching. Oh yeah! I'm on a fast track to demolishing my eyesight once and for all.
Since the Earth Ship show I made a triumphant return to 2-D and I was drawing a bit (nothing to write home about) and doing embroidery. I started a small series of embroidered text pieces that take quotes from Internet memes: (see below from Winnebago Man)

and I'm kind of using those as practice pieces in a way to brush up on my crewel stitches and to teach myself more. And I evidently dipped my toe in the cesspool of cross-stitch and came home with a full blown cross-stitch PARASITE!
For those of you wondering what in the blazes I'm going on about, I implore you once again to BEHOLD:
This of course is just a practice image, here's what the pattern looks like:

so its tedious work but I obviously love it. This is the very beginning of a series of cross-stitch samplers I plan to stitch that are based on antique samplers that were made and given as gifts for momentous occasions. I plan to re-work the imagery and text to suit my needs but more about that later, that project is only a baby right now.

Also I sincerely apologize for my tardy posting, my computer (like my gut and my thinker) is on the fritz. I'll admit that updates will be few and far between, due to the computer but also because progress is slow and sometimes invisible in projects like this. But let's just hope that my computer, let's call her Doris (because let's admit she's a little past her prime), can pull herself from the depths of this technological existential crisis she's experiencing. We have a team of wizards working day and night to remedy the problem. That's right wizards. Because that's how we do things here, with magic!

Speaking of wizards, I will leave you with an anecdote and an unrelated video (to sweeten the deal). Once in a community pool locker-room I was approached by a woman who didn't see the need for wearing any clothes while she implored strangers to read instructions aloud for her on the sides of hair product bottles. (a side note to this story- I am frequently asked by strangers questions that I couldn't possibly know the answer to, I am led to believe I have the stereo-typical look of someone who is an expert in unimportant information) She asked me to read the bottle for her because she didn't have her glasses on (even her eyes were naked!) and what I saw on the side of the bottle was this and only this:
For use by wizards only
Which I said aloud, and was then asked to repeat by the naked lady. Then she left.
I might be exaggerating but the story is true.

ok! Love you! Miss you! Also: if you attend York University or frequent its hallowed halls check out the upcoming issue of the Flying Walrus for an article about Fortnight written by Maria Golikova.