Tuesday, January 19, 2010


After a day of resin casting and another day of cutting out tiny moths here's my progress so far with the light source jar for You Just Haven't Earned it Yet, Baby (For Gallery 1313's window box) The honey-ness of the resin pleased me, I was uncertain in the process whether it would turn out. Here's a few shots of it hanging in my studio, now I just have to make hundreds more moths, the lace waves (knitted in embroidery thread) and an unthinkable number of needle felted cocoons! Almost done, right?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Just Haven't Earned it Yet, Baby

Here's a little progress on a piece I am working on to go up in February at Gallery 1313 (in Parkdale, on Queen st West). It will be in the window gallery, and I will be teaching a knitting workshop in conjunction with the show during February. The installation is about the inherent failure one must endure on the road to success. Its has been a lot of material exploration, and I'm enjoying the process quite a bit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Fires Have to Burn Alive

I had a four hour photo shoot(with a tea break of course!) in windy High Park yesterday with Andrew Agnew-Iler and this dress for my upcoming show in London at Forest City Gallery. You've seen some images of this work here before but I have yet to divulge any details.

Well, the Piece is called Maidens, Spindles, and Mother-of-All (Named after some parts of a spinning wheel). Here's a blurb:

Twenty eight individuals will be adorned in elaborate costumes evoking the architectural forms inherent in nature. They will emulate the various cycles of life as they move and function as one organism made of smaller component parts. This performance functions as a way to honour that which sustains us. Using the beehive as the locus, this work is a metaphor of social exchange not just in human society but societies in the natural world as well, (such as a bee or ant colonies).
Maidens, Spindles, and Mother-of-All aims to mirror symbiotic relationships in nature, that co-operation and balancing of strengths and weaknesses within individuals to arrive at the most efficient use of energy.

So High Park was very cold yesterday, especially with no cocoon! The dress I'm wearing in these pictures is a costume, there will be 5 of these moth encircled characters in the performance. There is also a sound aspect which will grow from working with the performers and will take shape from sounds the body makes (ie. heartbeat, sighs, breathing, yawns).

Back to Work!