Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Forest City Here I Come!

It's a secret so you only get to look and imagine what I must be up to. Isn't this exciting?!?

Let's Catch Up!

Hi Friends,
Let's Catch Up!
I did so many things since I saw you last it will be a challenge to remember them all.
Here goes:
All Over Again was a huge success, I had many talented guests visit me in my hibernation quarters during that time. The Toronto F. Morris Men danced the night away on opening night, Isla Craig serenaded me, Micheal Briand gave me a tattoo (its a beaut!), Randy Gagne and I remembered, Neelam Kler read my cards and we had a delicious high tea on the final day. It truly was an amazing experience and it set me up for a fruitful and productive spring and summer.

Then I whipped up a tornado to reek havoc in the window at the Knit Cafe on Queen Street West.

What else...... I'll tell you what else! Isla Craig (my beautiful and talented friend) After a successful CD Release decided to shoot a video, with the aid of the equally lovely and talented Victoria Cheong, and myself as the costumer (with lots of help from Dai!)
I can't wait to see the finished video!

Randy and I worked on a number of projects during this time as well, At 918 Bathurst we made and installed Fantasy Photo-Op as a part of Contact.

We performed Mornings are Wiser than Evenings at De Leon White Gallery,
And we Sandwich hugged unsuspecting pedestrians in Peterbourgh for ArtsWeek.
We also did a short performance at the Box Salon but I regret I do not have any pictures from that event.
PLUS I started a knitting school! Want to learn to knit you old sea-dog, you? I implore you to explore

And that's most of it! Now we're in a new house, with a new studio, new work, new shows, new, new, new! Look forward to reading about my trials and tribulations as I prepare for a major solo exhibition (performance) in London Ontario at Forest City Gallery!
All Ashore that's Going Ashore!