Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Death Mask 2

Oh no, its been so long! But that's not to say I wasn't working on things. With the deadline approaching for the play I'm doing props for I've made significant progress I'd like to share.
Here is the first Death Mask done:

and here's a set of antlers which will reside atop the bleeding coffin:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Isla Craig

Do you know Isla Craig? Maybe you should, if you don't. Isla and I are (very slowly) working on a project wherein she tells me everything I would every want to know about her and I construct her an elaborate wedding dress. She can tell you a fascinating tale about the marriage of her mother, ask her!

So here's what I'm thinking, Isla, the back of the dress has two wooden blocks sewn on the back. the top block has metal objects hanging from strings on it (keys, forks, nails, etc.) the bottom block has guitar strings stretched across it. They bounce against each other when you walk so there's always music with you. You could sing along with it if you like. Here's a possibilty for the front of the dress, I'm not sure about the skirt. What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little help from my friends

There haven't been too many new developments this week because I've been preparing for a fundraiser dinner party of epic porportions. Well, friday was the big day and it was a hit all round; no one went home hungry. A really big thanks to Randy, Vanessa, and Kathryn whom I couldn't have done it without. And a great big thanks to everyone who came (and contributed but couldn't make it). Sometimes my work takes a village....

And here's some more blood shots, the light was quite dim, but I'm still impressed with the visual impact:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blood and Hibernation Clothes

In April I will be in group exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery called Responsive Space. I'm going to be sitting in the gallery for as many days as possible in a state of contemplation and readying myself for the spring. In preparation for this show I'm working through the remaining winter months making a hibernation wardrobe (one outfit per day of the week that the gallery is open) Canning preserves to sustain myself during that time, and making furniture to make a cozy home space in the gallery, to be coated with quilts and throws (all handmade) making a space not unlike a human nest.

Anyways, All the clothing is made from second hand fabrics or old garments, the first fully completed outfit (seen left) is a top made from an old stretch knit I found at Value Village (which is this amazing Aubergine colour, the photo doesn't do it justice) And the skirt is cut from a vintage dress. The idea here is that one can fall asleep in the folds of the garments. But I also wanted them to bear resemblance to garments of a time when people were more self-sufficient. Clothing that offers ease of movement while completing laborious tasks as well as warmth, modesty, but still remains slightly flattering. The skirt has gathers at the back, giving it a bit of a bustle, and it looks vaguely Victorian. The shirt I'm not sure about. I think I like it, its very comfortable but I'm not convinced of its shape. There's a lot of room in the bust, its kind of a cape with sleeves. The process I went through to make it was very intuitive but I feel like its not done. Here's another shot of the shirt from the front (note my heroic pose):

After I alter a black cloak which I bought second hand (I'm shortening it to knee length, adding a hood and replacing the buttons with covered buttons) I'm going to get started on this outfit:

A quilted Turtle Shell coat. You are just going to have to wait to see how this turns out.

Now for the Blood! More set design for the play at the New Ideas Festival. Crocheted blood will be seeping out of the coffin, and a pair of bloody deer's antlers will be sticking out on top. yum.

I hope to have some images on site of the blood by the end of this week.

See you soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home like a bee

Today I fired off a sketch for a piece in its early conceptual stages. Also in the early stages, the proposal:

I see a natural architectural object such as a beehive as a single functioning unit made of component parts. Each compartment is specific storage each bee with a designated task designed to allow the structure to function as one. In light of my fascination with both catacomb-like structures and conduit systems for storing information it seems fitting to make beehives to store my memories. I’d like to construct three large beehive structures (one for every ten years of my life, the last beehive being only one third finished) to house objects, words, or memory triggers. Each beehive will be roughly my height and constructed entirely from felted wool (dry needle felted as much as possible). They will hang in the gallery and windows on the outer walls will give a peek into the space within.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Death Masks

I've been asked to create Death Masks for a play which will be a part of the first week of the New Ideas Festival .(The play is called Iphigenia at her Funeral). I immediately thought of my friend Erika Defreitas's death masks she made with her mother. The piece was documented in a series of photographs, (which are stunning and terrifying all at once) in which they are seen with their faces covered in delicate icing flowers used to decorate cakes. The texture and the impact of the colour in these masks is what I'd like to focus on for the masks I'm making. Working from my bleeding hearts work (from what seems like years ago now!) as a point of departure:

Each mask will look like a masticated belclava with no eye or mouth holes and streams of chained crochet hanging from the chin and cheek bones. I'm hoping these will look blank and void, shrouding the emotion conveyed in the face and unifying each of the characters left on stage at the end into deadness. The colour will be very important, Like the bleeding hearts I'll use a range of shades from reds and redish browns to pinks, fuschia, purple, coral, and a small amount of green for contrast.
Here's my progress:
This is half the face, done in freeform knitting, I've added a few eyelet holes on the side and I'll be picking up stitches on the surface to cable and crochet baubles into, it just looks like a weirdo beret at the moment. Updates to follow!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to the Activity Centre

So here I am. I know this seems a bit out of character or awkward but it is entirely nessecary. I see this as a kind of training wheels to ease myself into my website (in the works). I'd also like to see if there is any benefit to sharing my process and promoting discussion on my trajectory and progress as an artist. I see this also as a place to hash out the kinks and snags that populate works in progress. And I'd like to feel less isolated and more open to input. I'm including you in my journey so prepare yourselves, in the coming weeks I'll be introducing you to my nautical obsession, my fabric and yarn stash, my inability to cease knitting, and my interest in the function of memory.

A spoiler?
Giant felted beehive structures, collaborative wedding dresses, obsolete technology nooks, and north winds.
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